The Farmers’ Journal, And Welland Canal Intelligence. July 1826. Excerpts include marriage and death announcements, and lists of letters left at the post offices in Thorold and St. Catharines.

The Farmers’ Journal and Welland Canal Intelligence Excerpts July 1826

The Farmers’ Journal, And Welland Canal Intelligence. Vol 1. No. 22.

St. Catharines, (U.C.) July 5, 1826. Page 3


At St. Anns, U.C. on the 12th ult. by the Rev. A.N. Bethune, of Grimsby, WILLIAM R. NELLES, Esq. Merchant, to Miss MARY ANN O’REILLY, both of the former place.

Also – at the same time and place, by the same, GEORGE CHALMERS, Esq. Merchant, of Trafalgar, to Miss HELEN O’R. – both ladies daughters of Daniel O’Reilly, Esq. of St. Anns.

The Farmers' Journal Marriage William Nelles to Mary Ann O'Reilly and Helen O'Reilly to George Chalmers


At Galt, U.C. on the 17th of June last, Mr. JOEL STIMSON, aged 36 years, formerly of Tolland, Conn., and brother of Doct. E. Stimson, of Galt.

In the township of Niagara, on the 28th ult. Mrs. SIEBEL PICKARD, wife of Mr. F. P. and mother of the child lately drowned in Mr. Service’s mill-pond, as mentioned in the Journal several weeks since.

The Farmers' Journal Deaths Joel Stimson and Mrs Siebel Pickard

The Farmers’ Journal, And Welland Canal Intelligence. Vol 1. No. 23.

St. Catharines, (U.C.) July 12, 1826. Page 3

Labourers Wanted. – We are informed that a scarcity of labourers prevails, at this time, on the Welland Canal; and that several hundred able bodied sober men are now wanted, to whom liberal wages will be given. The situation is healthy, there not having been more than three or four deaths by disease, as far as we can ascertain, on the whole line of the canal, since its commencement, and the price paid is from 10 to $13 per month. The men now employed generally enjoy good health.

The Farmers' Journal Labourers Wanted for Welland Canal July 1826

On the 23d inst. Nathan Gilbert was tried at the circuit court in New York, for killing his wife in April last. He was acquitted on the ground of insanity.

The Farmers' Journal Nathan Gilbert acquitted July 1826


In the stage, while passing from Avon Springs to Rochester, whither he had been for his health, Mr. Ormand Spalding, one of the editors of the “Album,” aged 24.

The Farmers Journal Deaths Ormand Spalding July 1826

Remaining in the Post Office at St. Catharines, July 5, 1826.

Geo. Ball.
—- Boman.
Ann Bell.
John Clark.
John Grass, 2.
Sylvester Glin.
George Havens.
Edward Keating.
Dr. Lindon.
Andrew Marlin.
James M’Kay.
Nathaniel Nickerson.
Thomas Irwin.
Joseph Graham.
Henry Ryan, 2.
John Shepherd.
Wm. Sharp.
Samuel Street.
James Smith, at 20.
John Snure.
William Tillett.
Peter Tomson.
Mr. Thato.
John Wood.
Mr. Wilkins.
J.K. Webster.
Francis Young.

Ann Black.
John Casterline.
John Caught.
James Draper.
William Goodrich.
Mr. Goodall.
New’b S. Ketchum.
John Junken.
Henry S. Lee.
Marshall Lewis.
Wm. Moffat.
David M’Donald.
Dr. Macky.
Asher P. Osburn.
Richard Pye.
Jonathan Raymond.
Joseph Smith.
Robert Stewart.
James Smith.
Charles Rolls.
Martin Sitnar.
James Thompson, 2.
Nancy Thorn.
Samuel Tivy.
Mrs. Wheeler.
Elam Whaplate.
Mehitable Westover.


The Farmers' Journal List of Letters at Post Office 1826 July

Remaining in THOROLD Post Office, July 5, 1826.

Adam Uline,
Peter Moffat,
Donald M’Millan,
James M’Millen,
John B. Smith,
Austin Atchison,
Thomas Reed,
Wilhelmus Fradenburgh.

David Thompson, 2.
Thomas Betty,
Caleb Hopkins, 4.
Henry or Ira Mead,
Andrew Gouldon,
John A. Wilkes,
John Hartwell,

J. Keefer, P.M.

The Farmers' Journal List of Letters Thorold Post Office 1826

The Farmers’ Journal, And Welland Canal Intelligence. Vol 1. No. 24.

St. Catharines, (U.C.) July 19, 1826. Page 3

The Farmers’ Journal, And Welland Canal Intelligence. Vol 1. No. 25.

St. Catharines, (U.C.) July 26, 1826. Page 3


On the 9th inst. the Rev. Mr. Williams, aged 70 years, to Miss Polly Candle, aged 14 years, both of Creen River Hollow.

The Farmers' Journal Marriage Rev Williams to Polly Candle 1826

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