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Excerpts from the Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910


GAS LINE – Little Elsa Kramer is on the sick list.

Clerk Near spent Saturday in Welland. Cora Steele spent Saturday in Buffalo.

Miss Olive Kaisley is visiting Buffalo.

Mr. Kraus of Buffalo spent Tuesday and Wednesday here.

Paul Gram and son Albert were in Welland on Saturday.

Mr. Theodore Knoll of Ridgeway spent Sunday at home.

Mrs. Collins and son of Buffalo are visiting at Ed Doan’s.

Miss Jacobs of Air Line is visiting at her uncle’s, David Kramer’s. Mrs. Jerry Barnhardt of Port Colborne is visiting at Elijah Michener’s.

E. Michener’s entertained the young people of the neighborhood Tuesday evening.

Edith Rhora has returned home, after spending several weeks in Willoughby.

Mrs. Margaret Kydd spent Saturday and Sunday at Mr. J.A. Norel’s at Air Line. Mr. Jacob Storm of Willoughby spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Jacob Rhora. Mrs. E. F. Doan and Miss Emma Went to Buffalo on Saturday, returning Monday evening.

On Saturday while Rosalie Near and some other children were playing at the church yard, Rosalie fell and struck her forehead on a plank. The result was a terribly bruised face, which kept her in the house a few days, but she is now able to be out again.

(Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

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