I have transcribed these to the best of my ability. Where a character is not clear enough to decipher, I have used a “?” in place. I have collected these in public libraries and the only fee charged to me was the fee to photocopy the record that was available. I offer these here on the site, free of charge in the hopes that they may help someone else with their family tree research.


KINSMAN – In Fonthill, on Tuesday, June 19, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kinsman, a daughter. (page 4, 29/06/1900)

MOSOLF – In Humberstone, on June 18, 1903 to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mosolf, twins (sons). (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

HAIST – In Thorold Township on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1903, to Mr. and Mrs. Courtland Haist, a son. Name: William Mar?us. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

ROBERTS – At Stamford, on Monday, Dec. 14, 1903, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Roberts, a son. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

SCOTT – At Niagara Falls Centre, Ont., on Dec. 19, 1903, to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Scott, a son. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

SNOW – At Welland, on Friday, Dec. 18th, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Snow, a son. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

HAPGOOD – At Niagara Falls South, Ont., on Feb. 23, 1904, to Mr. and Mrs. Hapgood, a son. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

TROUP – To Mr. and Mrs. Allan Troup, at Sherkston, Saturday, Feb. 20, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

NEAR – To Mr. and Mrs. Herman Near, at Sherkston, Friday, Feb. 19, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

DAWSON – At Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Jan. 22nd. 1909, to Mr. and Mrs. John Dawson, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 29/01/1909)

MURDOCH – At Stamford, on Feb. 28, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. Alex Murdoch, a son. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

ARMBRUST – At the Welland County Hospital, on Tuesday March 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Armbrust, Ridgeville, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

ADAMS – At Welland, on Feb. 26, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Adams, a son. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

APPLEYARD – In Humberstone, on March 1, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Appleyard, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

FISCHER – At Niagara Falls, Ont., Feb. 27th, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fischer, a son. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

STUART-JONES – At Niagara Falls Centre, on Feb 26th, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Stuart-Jones, 64 Ellen avenue, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

SPARKMAN – At Niagara Falls, Ont., on Feb 26, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. B. Sparkman, a son. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

KARLE – On Saturday, Feb 26, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Karle, First st., Welland, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

NOBLE – In Welland, to Mr. and Mrs. William Noble, Regent street, a son. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

BARNETT – In Welland, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Barnett, State street, a son. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910) *These are my relatives*

WILLS – In Welland, on Feb. 23, 1914, to Mr. and Mrs. M. A, Wills, Regent St., a son. (People’s Press, page 2, 03/03/1914)

BARNETT – On Oct. 9, 1914, to Mr. and Mrs. Barnett, Myrtle Ave., a daughter. (People’s Press, page 2, 13/10/1914)

GREWAR – In Welland, on Oct. 8, 1914, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grewar, Ross St., a daughter. (People’s Press, page 2, 13/10/1914)

WAGNER – In Crowland, on Oct. 11, 1914, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wagner, a son. (People’s Press, page 2, 13/10/1914)

ZRINSKI – In Crowland, on Oct. 11, 1914, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zrinski, Ontario road, a son. (People’s Press, page 2, 13/10/1914)

DEITCH – In Welland, on Wednesday, 20th November, to Mr. and Mrs. ? L. Deitch, Parkway Heights, a daughter. (Welland Tribune, page 3, 06/12/1921)

HICKEY – In Welland, on Sunday, 26th November, to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hickey, a son, (Thomas Francis.) (Welland Tribune, page 3, 06/12/1921)

REID – At Brantford, on Dec. 4th. to Mr. and Mrs., Samuel Reid, a son. (Welland Tribune, page 3, 06/12/1921)


HAUN – BRAWN – In Christ Church, Marshville, by Rev. A. Bonny, on Jan. 2, 1895, Mr. E.L. Haun and Miss Gertrude Brawn, both of Marshville. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

GREEN – MORSE – At the residence of the bride’s mother, Niagara Falls Village, on Jan. 1st, 1895, by the Rev. James Wilson, B.A., Mr. Raymond R. Green, son of Mr. Alem Green of Lundy’s Lane, to Miss Alice Maud Morse, third daughter of the late Edward Morse. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

LEARN – NIGH – On Thursday, 27th Dec., 1894, at New Germany, Bertie, by A. Bearss V.D.M., Mr. Sanford Learn to Miss Francis Nigh, all of Bertie. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

PROUT – EASTMAN – At the residence of the uncle of the bride, Mr. E. C. Eastman, South Pelham, by Rev. W.M. Teeple, Dec., 25, 1894, Miss Jennie Eastman and Mr. Elijah Prout, both of Pelham. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

STRATTON – BEAM – At the residence of the bride’s parents, Black Creek, on Dec., 25th (Xmas), by Rev. J. Howe, Mr. Robert W. Stratton of Straffordville, Ont. to Miss Bertha L. Beam, daughter of Menno Beam, Esq., Willoughby, Ont. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

BARNETT – MATHESON – On Monday, Dec., 31st, by Rev. James Wilson, B. A., Thos. A. Barnett to Jennie Matheson of Niagara Falls Village. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895) * These are my relatives *

MOYER – HOSCHKE – At the home of the bride’s parents, Port Colborne, on New Year’s Day, 1895, by Rev. A. Bonny of St. James Church, Mr. Menno Moyer of Humberstone to Miss Minnie Hoschke, only daughter of Mr. Fred Hoschke of Port Colborne. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

NORCROSS – MCCULLOUGH – At the residence of the bride’s parents, Port Colborne, Jan. 2d, 1895, by Rev. E. R. Hutt, Mr. Joseph Norcross to Miss Jessie McCullough, only daughter of Captain John McCullough, all of Port Colborne. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

ARRIEN – FRANK – At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. Mr. Cook of Caistorville, Dec. 25, 1894, Mr. Delbert Arrien to Miss Alice Frank, daughter of Mr. Albert Frank of Wellandport, Ont. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

JENNINGS – STRETTON – At the residence of W. H. Fry, Esq., Fenwick, on the 1st Jan., 1895, by Rev. W. M. Teeple, Mr. Aaron Alonzo Jennings to Miss Emma Jane Stretton, both of Fenwick, Ont. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

WEBBER – CARPENTER – At Buffalo, Monday, January 11, 1897, John A. Webber of Crowland to Miss Matilda Carpenter of Buffalo, N.Y. (Thorold, page 4, 15/01/1897)

MISENER – BUCK- By Rev. C.R. Morrow, at Methodist parsonage; Port Colborne, Jan. 12, 1897, Alvin Misener of Humberstone to Alice May, Buck of Bertie, county Welland. (Thorold, page 4, 15/01/1897)

SMITH – MCMANN – By Rev. Dr. Clark, at Thorold, Jan. 13, 1897, Robert Smith and Miss McMann, eldest daughter of Isaac McMann. (Thorold, page 4, 15/01/1897)

PATTISON – LAMPMAN – On Wednesday, June 27, 1900, at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. H.K. Lampman, by Rev. Geo. E. Honey, B.A., S.T.B., Sarah Magdalena Lampman and Burton Augustus Pattison. (page 4, 29/06/1900)

BARNETT – CLAUS – At the home of the bride’s parents, by Rev. J. H. McBain, June 20, 1900, James Robert Barnett of Buffalo and Miss Lillian May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Claus of Ridgeway, Ont. (page 4, 29/06/1900)

BOWERBANK – WILSON – By Rev. Mr. Piper, at Thorold, June 20, 1900, Miss Ada, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson, to John Bowerbank of Toronto. (page 4, 29/06/1900)

FARR – MICHENER – By Rev. W. F. Cuthbert at residence of Mr. E. Michener, Wainfleet on Wednesday, June 17th, 1903, Miss Alice Michener of the township of Sherbrooke to Mr. Enos Farr of Wainfleet. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

SPRINGER – DOHN – At St. Catharines on June 17, 1903 at ??? Niagara street, by Rev. W. ?. Stafford, B. A., Wm. H. Springer of Welland and Miss Annie L. Dohn of Grantham. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903) * These are my relatives *

STONE – OULSTER – On Wednesday evening, June 17th, 1903, at the residence of the bride’s mother, 2?0 Dunn avenue, by Rev. D. C. Hem??ck of Deer Park Presbyterian church, Toronto, Thos A. Stone of Ridgeway, Ont., to Annie Mabel Oulster, only daughter of Mrs. S. J. ?????. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

CHOATE – GRIFFITHS – By Rev. J. E. ?????, at residence of Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Horton, Glenn’s Falls, N.Y., on June 17, 1908, Miss Ethel Griffiths of St. Catharines, Ont., (sister of Mrs. Horton) to Mr. Charles G. Choate of Sch???tady, N.Y. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

BREWSTER – TEAL – By Rev. Geo. E. Money, at Bridgeberg , on Thursday, June 18, 1903, Miss M. Teal, to Mr. R. Brewster, both of Ridgeway, Ont. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

GONDOR – BIGGAR – On Lundy’s Lane on June 19th, 1903, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Phoebe M. Biggar, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Biggar, to Morris J. Gonder of Buffalo. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

HOUSE – HICKEY – By Rev. W. H. Swayze, at Welland, on Wednesday, December 23, 1903, Miss Jennie Hickey of Wainfleet to Mr. Swayze House of Gainsboro. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903) * These are my relatives *

FRANK – GUINTER – At Port Colborne, on Dec. 23, 1903, at the home of the bride’s parents by Rev. A. C. Mackintosh, Miss Theresa Rose Guinter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Guinter, to Charles E. Frank of Niagara Falls, Ont. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

SHARAUBLE – BARNETT – By Rev. ? E Henry, at home of the bride, Bridgeburg, on Feb. 23, 1904, Miss Alice Barnett to Mr. Ed Sharauble. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

BARNETT – HICKEY – At the Methodist parsonage, Welland, Thursday, Jan. 21, 1909, by Rev. J. H. McBain, John S. Barnett of Welland to Florence C. Hickey of Wainfleet. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 29/01/1909) * These are my relatives *

EMBLETON – BOOTH – At the residence of bride’s parents, by Rev. Mr. Dix of Port Colborne, on Feb. 28, 1910, Meta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Booth, “Hillside farm”, near Port Robinson, to Mr. Robert Embleton of Stamford. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

HEXIMER – TUFTS – At the parsonage, Welland, Wednesday morning, March 2, 1910, F. Edmund Heximer, Stamford, to Cora Mand Tufts, Willoughby, by Rev. J.H. McBain, B. A. (Welland Tribune, 04/03/1910)

JAMIESON – AINSWORTH – By Rev. Mr. Lacey, at 138 Lockwood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., on July 26, 1911, Miss Ella May Ainsworth to Mr. Joseph C. Jamieson, both of that city. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

BLUNDELL – JENKINS – At the rectory, Welland, by the Rev. Jas. Thompson, M. A., on Feb. 25, 1914, Miss Emily Jenkins of Toronto, to Mr. Albert Blundell of Port Robinson. (People’s Press, page 2, 03/03/1914)

CUMMINS – McALPINE – At Methodist parsonage, Welland, on Saturday, Feb. 28, 1914, by the Rev. W. E. Kerr, Miss Alice Ruth McAlpine, daughter of Bruce McAlpine, River Road, to George William Hobson Cummins, of Edmonton, Alberta. (People’s Press, page 2, 03/03/1914)

HICKEY – MOORE – At Methodist parsonage, Welland, on Friday Feb. 27, 1914, by Rev. W. E. Kerr, Miss Lottie Moore to James Francis Hickey, both of Welland. (People’s Press, page 2, 03/03/1914)


TATE – In Welland, Dec. 28, 1894, Mary, wife of Mr. Frederick Tate, aged 31 years. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

SISLER – At Fenwick, Jan. 1, 1895, Edward Sisler, in the 58th year of his age. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

MCARTHUR – In Thorold township, Jan. 2, 1895, Rev. J.G. McArthur, of inflammation of the bowels. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

ROWE – At his residence, Falls View, on Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, 1895, John Rowe, in his 90th year. Funeral on Saturday next at 2 p.m., to Fairview cemetery. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 04/01/1895)

UPPER – In Buffalo, on Dec. 6, 1895, Amanda Upper, relict of late Benjamin Upper, aged ?8 years, 1 month, 6 days. (Pelham, page 4, 13/12/1895)

SMITH – At her home, Pelham, on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1895, Mary Ann Smith, relict of late Elisha Smith, aged 77 years, 4 months, 13 days. (Pelham, page 4, 13/12/1895)

LENNOX – At Welland, Dec. 9, 1895, John Lennex, mathematical master Welland high school, aged 39 years. (Pelham, page 4, 13/12/1895)

CROWE – At North Pelham, on Dec. 4, 1895, Peter Crowe, an old and respected resident. (Pelham, page 4, 13/12/1895)

PARKER – At Niagara Falls South, on Monday, June 20, 1900, James Parker aged 3? years, ? months and 19 days. (page 4, 29/06/1900)

SWORDS – At Niagara Falls, N. Y., on Friday, June 19, 1903, Michael Swords, an old resident of the town of Welland, Ont. (People’s Press, page 3, 23/06/1903)

MARSHALL – At Niagara Falls Town, Ont., on Dec 22, William, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Marshall, corner Park street and Clifton avenue aged 8 years. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

RANDALL – At Rochester, N.Y., on Friday, Dec., 18th, 1903, Clara May Randall, daughter of Mrs. Hattie Randall, formerly of Simcoe street, Niagara Falls, Ont. aged 7 years. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

YOUNG – At Buffalo, N. Y., on Dec. 23, 1903, Mrs. Geo. H. Young (nee Gibson) of Niagara Falls Centre, Ont., aged 66 years. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 25/12/1903)

HODGKINS – On Diltz Road, near Attercliffe Station, on Feb. 23, Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Hodkins, aged 81 years. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

DEATH OF MRS. SMITH. At midnight on Tuesday an old and esteemed resident of this place passed away, in the person of Mrs. Margaret Smith, mother of Mrs. H. Dellmore, at whose home she died. Deceased was born in Germany, but came to this country 60 years ago, since when she has been a resident of this vicinity. Her husband predeceased her 14 years ago. Deceased is survived by three sons – John Smith of Bertie, Gus Smith of Wainfleet and Jacob Smith of Sherbrooke – two daughters – Mrs. E. Barrick and Mrs. H. Dellmore, one sister in Buffalo, 23 grand-children and one great grandchild. The funeral takes place this Friday morning at 10:30. Service will be conducted at St. Paul’s Lutheran church and interment will be made in Overholt’s Cemetery. (Welland Tribune,, page 6, 15/03/1907)

TERRYBERRY – At Niagara Falls, N.Y., on Jan. 24, 1909, Charlotte Pearl infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Terryberry. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 29/01/1909)

CLANCY – In Buffalo, on Monday, Jan. 24, 1909, James Clancy, formally of Welland, aged 76 years. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 29/01/1909)

ZAVITZ – At Ridgeway, Ont. on March 1, 1910, Sarah A., widow of the late William Zavitz, in the 69th year of her age. (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

MOORE – In Wainfleet, on Feb. 22, 1910, Emma Martha, relict of late George H. Moore, in the 65th year of her age. (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

WRIGHT – At Niagara Falls, Ont., on Feb. 27th the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright, Jr., aged 8 days. (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

ALLISON – At Allanburg, Ont., on March 2, 1918, Miss Fannie Allison, daughter of the late…(Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

KELSEY – At Welland, Aug. 1, 1911, Eunice, relict of the late William Kelsey of Pelham, aged 67 years. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

PHILLIPS – At Niagara Falls, Ont., on Saturday, July 29, 1911, Frederick S. Phillips, husband of Alice Crane Phillips.(Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

BARNETT – At the Humberstone Club, Port Colborne, on August 1, 1911, Samuel Barnett, of the New Murray Hotel, St. Catharines, aged 69 years. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

TAYLOR – At St. Catharines, Ont., on Sunday, Mar. 1, 1914, Mrs. Elisa Taylor, aged 75 years. (People’s Press, page 2, 03/03/1914)

STEWART – At Stamford, Ont., on Wednesday, October 7th, 1914, Elizabeth Dalby, beloved wife of Benjamin Stewart, aged 75 years. (People’s Press, page 2, 13/10/1914)

WEAVER – At Humberstone on Mar. 1, Louisa O. Weaver, aged 16 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weaver. (People’s Press, page 2, 03/03/1914)


Mrs. John Wilson – Last week we announced the serious illness of Mrs. John Wilson, wife of the veteran ex-reeve of Thorold township. Death followed on Thursday, 13th inst., and the remains were interred in Pelham on Sunday. Deceased was a daughter of Mr. Thomas McGlashan of St. Catharines. She was twice married, her first husband being a Mr. Heaslip; he dying she married Mr. Wilson. She was long on the bed of affliction, bearing her sufferrings with Christian patience and resignation. Respected far and wide for her virtues and social qualities, and beloved by many for her deeds of charity, her death is an irretrievable loss to the community as well as to those more closely bereaved, who possess the sympathy of all friends. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 21/02/1890)

Thomas Barnet – Mr. Thomas Barnet, one of the pioneers of Niagara Falls, was stricken with paralysis on Friday last, and died on Tuesday last. Mr. Barnet was the founder of the great museum, which is now owned by the Davis estate, and which was moved over the river when the new free park was laid out. He is the father of Mr. Sidney Barnet (now in South America), and grandfather of Mr. Horace Tupper, Mrs. Lovell, and Mrs. Frank D. Noble. From an illustrated journal published many years ago we find an interesting sketch of Mr. Barnet. The paper gives a very faithful picture of Mr. Barnet, and says: “Thomas Barnet, Esq., proprietor of the Niagara Falls museum, was born near Birmingham, Eng., in 1799, and emigrated to Canada in 1824. He founded the museum at Niagara Falls, which contains a collection fit to grace any capital of Europe.” After giving quite an extended account of the contents of the famous museum, the article concluded: “Mr. Barnet has done much for the progress of knowledge by throwing open his museum to all the public schools of Canada and the United States free; and his public spirit and enterprise have added important features to the attractions of that beautiful place, Niagara Falls.” He was a great favorite with the Indians, and was at one time honored by being created a chief of the tribe of Six Nation Indians, with the tile of “Karihowanea.” The remains were interred at Drummond Hill cemetery yesterday. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 21/02/1890)

William E. Hickey – Welland is mourning the loss of one of her youngest business men in the person of William Earl Hickey, Service manager of the County Motors, Cross street, who passed away at the Welland County General Hospital under distressing circumstances Friday afternoon. The late Mr. Hickey was in his 24th year and was taken ill some nine days ago with septic poisoning occasioned by defective tonsils. He was rushed to the hospital where he was operated upon, failing to rally. Mr. Hickey was born at Coppercliffe and educated there, later going to Hamilton, where he became assistant service manager of the McLaughlin Motor Company. Fifteen months ago he came to Welland on the formation of the County Motors, and since arriving here had gathered around him a host of friends. He is survived by his wife, Rose, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hickey of Coppercliffe, one brother and nine sisters. The funeral is taking place Monday to Woodlawn cemetery, Rev. Dr. J. D. Cunningham officiating. (Welland Tribune, page 4, 20/07/1926) * This is one of my relatives *

Isaac Singer – Isaac Singer a resident of Thorold township all his life and a well-known figure of this district, passed away at his home Saturday noon. He was in his 39th year. The late Mr. Singer on Thursday, fell and maintained a fracture of the… (Welland Tribune, page 4, 20/07/1926)

Newspaper Tidbits

Fort Erie. Wheat 81 and 89 c at the elevator. Mrs. Gibson is giving bargains in boots and shoes. Judgment has not been given in the case of Treble v. Porter. A meeting of the congregation was held on Tuesday for the purpose of electing managers of the Presbyterian Church to see to the repairs of the building and the temporal affairs of the church. The subject of lecture the past Sabbath, the 8th inst., at Ridgeway and Fort Erie Presbyterian churches ???: “The holy and happy flock of Christ destined to increase with all increase of God.” Mr. Craig held his bible class last Monday evening at his new residence, Queen street, Fort Erie. There was an overflowing attendance. In future the bible class will meet on Wednesday evenings at half-past seven prompt. The Rev. Mr. Craig is now comfortabley settled with his partner in life at Fort Erie and intends during the winter to take on a lot of useful work, viz: To form a Temperance Society, a Literature…..(Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

…In the wrecking completely of the schooner Geo. B. Sloan, the impression seems to be general that the loss was doubly severe, inasmuch as Capt. McDowell loses a ship and the waters a good captain – he has traded through here for years and was known as a careful and trusty seamen. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

Mr. Wm Cook, of tug Shaugraun, was married at Amherstburg the other…?…of the town. The bride is a sister of Capt. Thos. McGowan, well known on the lakes. Mr. Cook and his bride have the cordial congratulations of many friends here, in which the TRIBUNE joins. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

In a recent visit to Buffalo Mr. Harry Cuddon inspected the working of one of the city’s central telephone offices. The completeness of the system adopted is marvelous, and some idea of the business transacted may be wizened from the fact that nearly 1500 wires centred a this one city office. Each lady operator has charge of fifty subscriber’s wires. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

The jacket of the cylinder on the propeller M??es, exploded at Duluth last week, scalding both engineers to death. No other damage of account was done. The victims were Thos. Hickey, who formerly lived in St. Catharines, and Wm. Rooney, a resident of Port Dalhousie. both men were well known and much respected. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

Capt. Pace, with the large Bentley, came into port Tuesday. He was in anything but a pleasant humor with the captain of the seam barge Wm. Hall, who dropped him off Long Point on Sunday during a terrific gale. His escape from losing his crew, barge and all, is almost miraculous. Capt. Pace is well known as an able seaman, to which fact is undoubtedly due his escape from disaster. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

MILLER THE MURDERER, HANGED A Chicago telegram says: George Miller was hanged at Grand Forks, Dak., on Friday for the murder of the wife and 11 year old son of the Rev. C. H. Snell, Baptist Minister. (Welland Tribune, page 8, 06/11/1885)

…Bards have been issued for the wedding of Mr. H. W. MaCoomb, barrister, etc., of the law firm of Har-?????, C????? & McCoomb and Miss Margaret B. Johnstone, daughter of Rev. Dr. Johnstone, all of town. The ceremony will take place in Holy Trinity church on Saturday next, at half-past two o’clock. (People’s Press, page 2, 23/06/1903)

A quiet but very pretty wedding was solemnized by Rev. W. E. Stafford, B.A., at 107 Niagara street, St. Catharines on Wednesday last, at 2:30 p.m., when Wm. H. Springer of Welland and Miss Annie L. Dohn of Grantham, were united in marriage. On their return here the same evening they were given a happy reception by a number of friends at their home in the Griffith block. Both bride and groom are well known here and many friends extend heartfast congratulations. (People’s Press, page 2, 23/06/1903) * These are my relatives *

MATRIMONIAL – On Wednesday afternoon, June 17th, at the residence of Dr. and mrs. C.A. Horton, 45 Maple street, Glens Falls, N.Y., occurred the marriage of Mrs. Horton’s sister, Miss Ethel Griffiths, St. Catharines, Ont., to Mr. Charles G. Cho?te, Schenec-???y, N.Y.. Ceremony was performed by Rev. J. R. McKay, pastor of First Presbyterian church. The happy couple departed on the 4:30 train for a short trip after which they will reside in Schenec???y. (People’s Press, page 2, 23/06/1903)

JUNE WEDDING – KRAFT – HEMMINGS. A quiet wedding took place at 12:30 noon on Wednesday, June 17, 1908, at the residence of Mr. J. W. Hemmings at Niagara Falls South, when his youngest daughter, Agnes, became the bride of Mr. Alfred T. Kraft of S?????…. (People’s Press, page 2, 23/06/1903)

WELLANDPORT – Mrs. E. Stringer has returned from Buffalo. Jacob Huber spent a few days with his family. Joseph Dilts of Welland was in town last week. Miss Carrie Zink is visiting her sister at Simcoe. Ernest Stammers is spending a few days at J. Flewelling’s. Miss Beattie is slowly recovering from her severe illness. Miss Wilson has returned to her home at St. Catharines. John High, our tailor, is wearingh the “latest cut” now. It’s a girl. Miss Clara Sundy of Dunnville spent a few days last week with Miss Cora Misener. Miss Margaret Dalrymple of New York is spending some time with relatives here. Rev. R. L. Ockley of St. Davids, a former Methodist pastor here, called on old friends Wednesday. Mrs. Lancelot Bousfield, who is at present staying with her daughter, Mrs. W. Misener, celebrated her 81st birthday last Saturday. The skating on the river and the flats has been the best of the season this week. Our young people have been making the best of it. William Feetas, an old and respected resident of this place, died very suddenly at his home Sunday morning. Burial took place Monday afternoon in the Wellandport Cemetery. 400 people wanted to witness the burning of a $1600 mortgage in Fenwick Methodist Church on eve Feb. 29th. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

TRAVELLERS – The following travellers are reported by O. H. Garner, city ticket agent, M. C. R. and T. H. & B. Those so requesting do not have their names mentioned. Hagersville, Ont. – F. Eastman. Buffalo, NY. – J.M. Ward, Mrs. P. McMurray, W.S. Grenoche, F.J. Williams. Stevensville, Ont. – I. Orysler. Bridgeburg, Ont. – L. H. Pursel. Toronto, Ont. – J.W. Eastman. Hamilton, Ont. – Will Carey, B.J. Ford. Strathoons, Alta. – E.S. Atkins. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

THOROLD – Miss McDermots is visiting Welland. Rev. J.R. Patterson is in Brantford today. Town council meets on Tuesday night. Stanley Thompson is home from Fulton, N.Y. Marriage licenses – D.J.C. Munro, issuer, Thorold. Mr. and Mrs. Webb are visiting friends in Jarvis. W.G. Reid of Hamilton called on Thorold friends on Tuesday. Robt. Pew is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Jamieson, in Vankieck Hill. Mr. and Mrs. McFaul have taken up their residence at Niagara Falls, N.Y. Miss Restwood of Hamilton has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Laughlin, Pine Street. The members of the Epworth League will visit the league at the Falls on Monday night. A number of canal employees have started work at the guard lock, above lock 35, new canal. Thorold hockey team were defeated by St. Catharines at the city rink on Monday night. Score, 6-4. Fire, life and accident insurance – D. J. C. Munro, agent, Thorold. Miss Matthews has returned to her home in Niagara after a pleasant visit with her friend, Miss Donnelly. Wm. McCleary continues to improve, which will be good news to many friends throughout the county. Mrs. (Dr.) Hunter Robb of Cleveland, who is staying at “The Welland, ” St. Catharines, with her children, spent Wednesday with friends in town. Wm. Ferguson, brother of Mr. Joe Ferguson, met with an accident at Mr. Ferguson’s farm in Stamford township on Tuesday, breaking his collar bone. A number of our citizens met with bad falls on Sunday night owing to the very slippery state of the roads and pavements. No serious accidents have been reported. Arthur McGill is recovering from a severe attach of rheumatism which has confined him to the house for the past two months. He is now able to walk out every day. Thomas Brown, a former well known resident here, has been visiting his brothers, James and John Brown, and his sisters Mrs. Edmonstone and Mrs. Deans. Mr. Brown makes his home near the Rockies and is engaged in ranching on a large scale. The carnival on Friday night was a great success. The members turned out in large numbers as well as the spectators. An orchestra of four pieces supplied the music. The prizes were awarded to Mrs. McTavish, Miss Constable and Charlie Carter. It is expected that a very large number of men will be employed during the coming summer on the enlargement works of the Cataract Power Company in this immediate neighborhood. It is stated that as many as 3,000 men will be at work the greater part of the summer. This should be good news for our business men. Mr. R. Maxwell died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. White, St. David street, on Sunday night at the age of 72 years. The deceased was… Mrs. A. Haines of Niagara Falls, N.Y., spent a few days this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Collard. Miss Nellie Drennan has returned home from Buffalo, where she was visiting her cousins, the Misses Offspring. Mrs. House and daughter Essa of Humberstone spent a few days at the residence of her son, Chas. House this week. Mrs. Bearss of Port Colborne left for Smithsville this week after visiting her sister Mrs. Robt. Heslop, on Prospect Hill. The arrival of new goods at T. Coulter’s has crowded the store almost to a blockade. See advt. in other column. Quite a number of young people from the neighborhood, the village and Crowland, attended a social gathering at the residence of Mr. Jones on the Hurricane road a few evenings ago. Music and dancing furnished the principal entertainment. Wm. Flagg and Joseph McIntyre of Mapleton, North Dakota, who have been visiting friends and relatives in Welland county for the past two months and who intend returning to the west in a few days, spent Tuesday in the village the guest of Mr. N. Box. A surveying party was busy last week, about two and a half miles east of the village on the south side of the river rumor says, locating yards in connection with the Pere Marquette R.R., which is soon to commence running cars over the M.C.R.R. tracks. The land in question extends from a point near the M.C.R. tracks to the river. There is a prediction that the Welland river from Chippawa to the village will be well lined with docks in the future through the development of the electric power at the Falls. With the exception of a couple of properties all the land adjacent to the north side of the river for a distance of six miles from Chippawa west, has bee bought and paid for, including some property on the south side at Montrose. Developments will be eagerly watched. (Welland Tribune, 26/02/1904)

..A. Lawrence is ill. T. D. Cowper is on the sick list. Geo. R. Boyd is a victim of its grippe. Mrs. Mitchell ???? in at home yesterday afternoon. Mr. E. Morris of North Dakota, arrived here on Sunday. R. J. Michener was in Tilsonburg several days the past week. Garry Roach and John Carpenter spent a few days in Buffalo this week. Miss Roach and a friend, Miss Murphy, spent a few days in Buffalo the past week. Mrs. Wm. Misener of Niagara Falls was a caller at Rev. W. H. Swayze’s on Saturday. Mrs. J. E. Whalley, Mrs. P. R. Whalley and Mrs. Jas. Forde visited Buffalo yesterday. Miss Fanny Winston of Buffalo was expected last night as the guest of the Misses O’Brien. A child of Wm H. Springer’s in Ward IV., born on Feb. 2nd, died on Monday, Feb. 6th; of liver trouble. Miss Fannie Best of Niagara-on-the-Lake, is spending a couple of weeks with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Best. On Monday Mr. Philip Young moved his family to Hamilton, where he is employed with the Frost Wire Fence Co. Miss Gillespie of the General Hospital, Toronto, who has been the guest of Mrs. Geo. Ross, left for her home at Lorneville. Miss Mabel Moore was in St. Catharines Wednesday attending the wedding of her cousin Miss Cunningham, who was married to Mr. Collins. Mrs. Silas Moole and son of Zion City Ills., are here on a visit to Mrs. Moole’s ??????? Mrs. Ch??tian and other relatives in this district Mrs. Moole speaks very highly of the beauty, prosperity and remarkable growth of Zion City…(Welland Tribune, page 4, 10/02/1905)

TRAVELLERS – reported by J. O. Wismer, G. T. R. ticket agent. Bridgeburg – A. M. Cowling, F. D. Harrigan. Port Robinson – Fred Hesler. Black Rock – Miss Klee. Toronto – R. H. Appleyard, Rev. R. Duff. Suspension Bridge – Eddie White. Thorold – Miss Dohn. Simcoe – A. E. Terry. Buffalo – Wm. McGinnis. (Welland Tribune,, page 6, 15/03/1907)

STEVENSVILLE – Mr. H. Zimmerman spent Wednesday in Welland. Miss J. Zimmerman is spending a few days in Buffalo. Mr. Frank Hazen made another trip to Black Rock on Tuesday evening. Mrs. J.F. Beam is in Toronto attending a good roads convention. Miss Zell Robinson returned home Monday after a month’s visit with her sister in Villa Nova. Owing to the fact that there was no Epworth League on Monday evening last, the pastor will give his talk on China after next Sunday evening service. The ninth annual convention of the Welland District Epworth League will be held in the Methodist church here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 8-10th. Everybody welcome – F. E. Misener, president, Marshville. (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

HUMBERSTONE – N.S. & T. Plan Fyled – The plan and profile of the N. S. & T. extension to Port Colborne from the township line between Crowland and Humberstone to the village of Port Colborne, has been fyled in the Welland registry office. The part of the Welland road from Welland Junction to the township line above mentioned has not yet been fyled, and probably the reason is that it has not yet been approved by the board of railway commissioners. The part which has been fyled passes through the properties of William A. McKinney, Alfred Barts, Augustus Fiddler, Wm. Hardman, Frank Sagert, Chas. W. Nugent, Wilson & Reavely, Mrs. Upthegrove, E.B. Near, John Houser, J.E. Barrick, Hy. Knoll and Elihu Neff, and thence into Cranberry street in the village of Humberstone and on to Port Colborne, reaching the canal via Charlotte street, and connecting with the government elevator railway by a branch off Elm street. The railway runs about 2,000 feet west of the cannal at Dainville, and 1200 feet west at Stonebridge. (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

GAS LINE – Little Elsa Kramer is on the sick list. Clerk Near spent Saturday in Welland. Cora Steele spent Saturday in Buffalo. Miss Olive Kaisley is visiting Buffalo. Mr. Kraus of Buffalo spent Tuesday and Wednesday here. Paul Gram and son Albert were in Welland on Saturday. Mr. Theodore Knoll of Ridgeway spent Sunday at home. Mrs. Collins and son of Buffalo are visiting at Ed Doan’s. Miss Jacobs of Air Line is visiting at her uncle’s, David Kramer’s. Mrs. Jerry Barnhardt of Port Colborne is visiting at Elijah Michener’s. E. Michener’s entertained the young people of the neighborhood Tuesday evening. Edith Rhora has returned home, after spending several weeks in Willoughby. Mrs. Margaret Kydd spent Saturday and Sunday at Mr. J.A. Norel’s at Air Line. Mr. Jacob Storm of Willoughby spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Jacob Rhora. Mrs. E. F. Doan and Miss Emma Went to Buffalo on Saturday, returning Monday evening. On Saturday while Rosalie Near and some other children were playing at the church yard, Rosalie fell and struck her forehead on a plank. The result was a terribly bruised face, which kept her in the house a few days, but she is now able to be out again. (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

SCHOOL REPORT – Report of S.S. No. 2, Humberstone of work done during February: IV Class – Total marks 200. – Marks obtained : Russell Robins 153, Paul Graf 144, Mabel Haines 131, Joseph Rhora 102, Philip Schroeder 63, Martha Piets 18, Albert Gram 10, Caroline Schroeder 6. III Class – Total marks 210 – Marks obtained : Rosalie Near 173… (Welland Tribune, March 4, 1910)

AUGUST SHOE SALE – CLEARING SALE OF ALL SUMMER SHOES AND SLIPPERS – $2.78 Men’s tan and dull Oxfords, reg. $4. $2.85 Women’s patent and gunmetal Oxfords, “Frank Slater’s” $3.50 shoe. 5c Tin of Ezy Shine Shoe Polish. Try it. ? and Reilly, “The Cash Shoe Men” Welland, Phone 220. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

Cigarettes Cigars Tobacoes – And all Smokers Supplies. A complete assortment to every demand – whatever you smoke you can get it here. Call and see. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

RUNAWAY – Dr. Shultis’ horse became frightened at a dog on Tuesday and ran away. In front of D. Johnson’s barber shop, the horse collided with a tree and broke loose from the rig. Dr. Shultis and two young ladies, who were in the buggy, were uninjured. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

SHOE FACTORY ENLARGING – A large frame addition is being built on the rear of the Humberstone Shoe factory. This is only to serve the needs of the company temporarily. Next year a modern three storey factory building will be built on the corner where the machine shop was burned down. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

KICKED BY A HORSE – Jos. Reeb, while delivering bread yesterday morning was badly injured by his horse which kicked him in the face. A deep gash was cut in his cheek. Dr. Lang attended him. The wound required several stitches to draw it together. The horse kicked until it fell into the ditch breaking the shafts. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

TRAVELLERS – Reported by J.O. Wismer, GTR ticket agent. Toronto – Miss LIbbie Neff, Mrs. Frank Kilmer, Chas. Neff. Hamilton – Mrs. E. Flannery. Fonthill – Mrs. T. Law, P.G. Knoll. Niagara Falls – Mrs. Lacey. St. Catharines – D. Hughes. Thorold – Mrs. Norman Morgan. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

CANCER – Old sores, Lumps in Breast, Growths removed and healed by a simple Home Treatment. No pain. Describe the trouble, we will send book and testimonials free. THE CANADA CANCER INSTITUTE., Limited. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

FONTHILL – Mrs. Victoria Rines is visiting friends at Kingston. Mrs. S. Roszel is visiting her daughter at Grimsby. Miss Birdie Self is spending her vacation at Presqu’ Isle. All kinds of fancy groceries for picnic supplies. – A.B. Damude & Co. Miss Nellie Brook of Niagara Falls, N.Y., is visiting friends in the village. Miss E. E. Damude has closed her millinery parlors until September first. Mr. J.T. Romp has just received another big shipment of the famous Harnes Bros. pianos. Mr. Robert Waters of Harrow Essex county, is visiting at the home of Mr. H. M. Sweigles. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

…Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Hemenway of Kansas City, Mo., has been sending a few days with their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McCombs. Mrs. Barron left on Tuesday evening for Baltimore on a visit to her daughter. Miss Grace Barron accompanied her as far as Buffalo. The annual re-union of the Robins clan was held at the home of Mr. Cyrus Robbins on Wednesday, when a large number were in attendance. A social will be held a the home of Mrs. Nellie O. Hansler, on evening of Wednesday, Aug., 9th. Good program and refreshments. Collection in aid of Baptist parsonage fund. 71-81 Full stock of summer groceries at Fred Kinsman’s. Our goods are known for fine quality. Special price on Redpath’s granulated sugar at $5 per bag for next week. Sugar is advancing. Mr. Edward Morris, Miss Ellen Williams, and Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Dalton, left on Tuesday for Presqu’ Isle Point, Brighten Beach, to spend a few weeks. Mr. Morris has a summer cottage there. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

LET THERE BE LIGHT. A petition is being circulated and largely signed by the ratepayers of Pelham township, asking the council to light the Canboro road from Fonthill to Fenwick by electricity. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

SUCCESSFUL PICNIC – The big union Sunday school picnic held last Friday at Port Dalhousie was a great success. Six special cars left the village conveying over 350 people to the picnic grounds. The day was a very enjoyable one. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

TO IMPROVE PARSONAGE – At a recent meeting of the congregation of the Baptist church it was decided to make some improvements to the parsonage. The interior will be repainted, a new roof put on, a bathroom installed, and other improvements made. Work will commence right away. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

SUCCESSFUL PUPILS. The following pupils of the local school are being congratulated upon their success at the recent examinations held at Fenwick. Fannie Howell, Donald Kinsman, Victor Burne, Joseph Fletcher and Pearl McNeil. In this connection it might be stated to the credit of Miss Baron, who has taught in the school for seven years, that during that time only three pupils taught by her failed to pass their examinations. This is a remarkable record. (Welland Tribune, August 3, 1911)

FENWICK – BRIDGMAN VS. HONSBERGER – In a late issue of our paper we published a letter commenting on Magistrate Dalton’s decision in a police court case, in which Mrs. Honsberger was charged with trespassing on Mrs. Bridgman’s property, convicted and fined $10 and costs therefore. In accordance with request we published the evidence taken in the case. July 11th, 1911. Trial between Emily J. Bridgman of Fenwick and Aggie Honsberger of same place – Percy Graham Sworn – I heard the plaintiff tell defendant not to come on her premises. This was three months ago. I heard her say so twice that her or her children should keep off. A saw defendant on premises of plaintiff three or four times. Defendant was on the property as long as it would take me to go to the school house and back. The school house is distant 1 mile. Defendant did not ask permission to come on premises to look for chickens…

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